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Kanodia Technoplast Limited – Kanodia Technoplast Limited

Constantly Researching, Innovating and Investing in Better Products and New Technologies

About us

We, at Kanodia Technoplast Limited, are committed to serve our customers by offering products endowed with Excellence & Economy. We strive to achieve this by motivating and developing team spirit in employees to do "RIGHT THING FIRST TIME AND EVERY TIME". Our corporate values span the entire spectrum of Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Unity, Passion and Better Understanding of Business.

We manufacture all kinds of multi-layered laminated packaging films, pre-formed pouches and bags, KTL specializes in high-barrier and high-speed packaging for better shelf and protection of the packaged goods.


We pack
what you use everyday


Snacks &

Proper allowance must be made for the low moisture and high fat content of snacks and spices and their vulnerability.


Producers of rice, dry pasta, cereals and other bulk products pay particular attention to the packaging.


The packaging and long term storage of dry feed and hygienic pet litter demand a moisture penetration barriers.


Producers of various household chemical have equally high demand with regards to their product packaging.

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