Engraved Cylinders

Engraved Cylinders are widely used in Gravure Printing as means of transferring ink to the substrate. These consist of electronically engraved cylinders which have designs etched on them that are to be printed on the desired surface highly precise engraved cylinders thus developed. Proper maintenance of these cylinders is essential of obtaining the desired results. We manufacture the Cylinder in various sizes as per the customer’s / Converter’s requirements as well as for our in house consumption. We have our own team for the development of design for the customers.

The cylinder making process prepares a steel tube to accept an etched image that will eventually transfer ink to the film during the printing process. The process involves – metal finishing the tube with nickel, then copper, transferring an image to the surface of the tube, and finally chrome metal finishing to protect the image from abrasion during the printing process. Numerous polishing steps by fully automatic polishing machines are required throughout the process.

After reproducing the image on the surface of the cylinder the etched image is corrected and “proofed” by actually printing a sample

Printing Cylinders

Fast, flexible and flawless that’s how we define ourselves. An undisputed world leader in A to Z of flexible packaging, KTL also happens to be the best state-of-the-art cylinder unit of its kind in the world. Manufacturing primium quality engraved cylinders for Vinyl-based/PU-based/Water-based and energy curable inks to print on any kind of substrate like plastic films/paper/aluminium foil/paperboard etc.

Coating Cylinders

State-of-the-art latest machines from Europe & USA manufacture Digitally Engraved cylinders for applying even coating on substrates. The technically superlative engravers are capabile of generating varied Cell Profiles and the provision of using user defined Gamma Levels, thereby ensuring exact reproduction for specialized applications.

Gift Wrap Cylinder & Embossing

Capabilities for various Grains & Decorative Designs as well as embossing designs for superlative effects on substrates.