Converting Division

KTL is a leading producer of high-tech flexible packaging materials. The quality of our products is appreciated globally. Our success is underpinned by state-of-the-art technologies developed and introduced by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.

Our continuousendeavour for the latest technologies, the enhancement of technical processes and the application of new advanced materials allow our company to provide customers with flexible packaging that is both competitive and advanced.

Our plant’s complete process flow ensures the continued quality of our products: starting with design development through to slitting and packing, together with continuous monitoring of processes at every stage.

Rotogravure Presses


We boast high-tech printing presses, experienced operators, well-established printing technology, accurate recording and stage-by-stage control over all process parameters for each order. This all helps to maintain a high level of impressions throughout the entire printing process.

  • Up to 10 colours
  • Turning Bar before last station
  • Specialty Surface Coatings
  • ESA for better printability
  • 100% Web inspection with colour monitoring

Lamination And Coating Machines


We use a number of lamination and coating technologies that allow us to create packaging materials with diverse consumer qualities, based on appropriate combinations of raw materials.

  • Solvent-free
  • Dry lamination
  • Registered Cold Seal & Hot Melt
  • Triplex and Duplex Lines
  • E-beam Coating
  • UV Coating


Slitting And Rewinding Machines


Slitting machines finely cut the material in reels to the required diameters. High quality of reels and uniform, smooth winding across the whole width of the reel are achieved thanks to a monitoring system using two types of sensors: a supersonic one and an optical one. This system helps to level the reel against the cut line and maintain accurate web tension.Rewinding machine is used extensively for the inspection and editing of printed substrates before onward lamination

  • Flush-cut winding
  • Precise winding tension control system
  • Suitable for paper, films and laminates
  • Rewinders run in the forward as well as reverse direction

Extrusion Coating/Lamination Line


This system offers lamination applications, including 3-layer polymer melt.

  • Mono lines producing sandwich layer
  • Co-extrusion facility
  • Dual turret unwind for seemless production

Three Layer Blown Film Pe Extrusion Lines


Theses machines produce 20-200µm thick plastic films by blown extrusion.

  • Internal Bubble Cooling
  • Fully automated gravimetric feed
  • Auto gauge control
  • PLC based process / recipe control

Pouch Making Machines


Ideal for production of bags and pouches of laminated multilayer plastic films.

  • 3 Side Seal
  • Centre Seal with side gusset options
  • Gusseted
  • Stand – Up with handle/zip lock/D-cut options
  • Registered Side Gusset with Dori/Rivet options
  • Pouches for retort applications